The Association has set for itself the following aims and objectives:

  1. To impact the foreign policy of Nigeria from the perspectives of best practices and work with decision makers to make Nigeria a respected voice in international relations/arena
  2. To engender scholarly research and professional discussions on foreign relations matters, whilst offering suggestions and options to the government
  3. To improve the welfare of its members
  4. To promote peace, justice, equity and security
  5. To preserve healthy and sustainable environment
  6. To inform members and engage the general public including National Assembly Members, academics, students, foreign diplomats, think tanks, etc about the direction of Nigerian foreign policy and developments
  7. To recognize the contributions of members through awards and honours

The association intends to achieve these objectives through the following activities:

Publication of journals
Conferences, debates and lectures
Presentation of articulate and reasoned options for government consideration in foreign relations matters
Maintenance of standard, welfare and discipline for its members

Graduation of newly trained foreign service officers

Opening of our office AFRPN in abuja central business district

Opening of our office AFRPN in abuja central business district II