The requirements and how to become a member of AFRPN

The criteria for membership is to be a Nigerian and be involved in the business of foreign relations either as a worker in international organisation,, teacher, researcher or student in international relations.

Membership Page:

Membership of AFRPN is open to:

– Career and Non-Career Nigerian Ambassadors (in active service and retired)

– Nigerian Foreign Service Officers (in active service and retired)

-Members of Staff and Research Fellows of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA)

-Members of Staff and Research Fellows of the Nigerian Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution

-Lecturers and Students of International Relations; Diplomacy; Strategic Studies; International Law and Diplomacy in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

Anyone, who falls within the above categories, interested in joining the AFRPN should indicate interest through a registration process which involves formal expression of interest to join AFRPN and payment of one-off registration fees of twenty five thousand Naira N25,000 for full member and N20,000 for associate.

Membership of AFRPN entails:

– participating in AFRPN activities;

– accessing the Association’s website;

– conducting research and in-depth studies on national, sub-regional, Regional and international topical issues; and

– contributing articles and comments on topical issues on international relations, international law and diplomacy, Nigerian Foreign policy and Foreign Service.

Non-members interested in accessing the website of the Association could do so by completing an on-line registration process and payment of a yearly fee of five thousand Naira (N5,000).

Application for membership must be submitted with CV to the Secretariat of the Association and once approved, membership fees are paid as well as annual subscription.

New members are highly welcome. Kindly download the registration form below, fill, scan and send it to the official mail ( with evidence of payment.

Click here to download AFRPN Full Membership Registration Form

Click here to download AFRPN Associate Membership Registration form